Flatpack 1800

The compact fan-cooled Flatpack 1800 rectifier is designed to endure any extreme operating conditions that can be expected in telecommunication installations and industrial applications. Minimum size, a universal input voltage range, wide operating temperature, high immunity against surges and overvoltage are key features incorporated into the Flatpack 1800.

The Flatpack 1800 is a rectifier for stand-alone use or parallel operation in a power rack system. Its very high power density, cost efficient design and ability to accept a wide input voltage range and tough ambient conditions, makes it the perfect choice in any telecom network.

Switchmode technology with soft switching and high switching frequency is used to minimize volume and weight and to obtain fast output voltage regulation. The module accepts large variations of the input voltage and draws sinusoidal current with a soft start power-up. The Flatpack 1800 can operate in parallel with Flatpack 1500 rectifier module.

The rectifier provides 1800 W output power (37.5 Amps at 48 VDC) at 230 VAC nominal input voltage.

Typical applications
The rectifier is used in Flatpack Power systems.



Input operating voltage: 85-300 VAC

Frequency: 45 to 66 Hz

Max. Current: 11.1 Arms max. at 185 VAC and 1800 W output

Power factor:> 0.99 at 50% load or more

Input protection: Soft start, Surge protection
(varistors), Internal fuses (L & N), Automatic disconnect above 312 VAC


48 VDC/range: 44-58 VDC

Output power: 1800W at 185-275 VAC

Maximum current: 37.5 Amps at 48 VDC

Hold up time: 20ms

Efficiency: > 90%


Rectifier alarm:
- Input voltage out of range (shutdown)
- High output voltage shutdown
- High temperature shutdown
- Fan Failure

Visual indications:
- Green LED: ON, no faults
- Red LED: Rectifier failure
- Green LED bargraph: 10 LEDs showing load current

Operating temperature: -40 to +70°C (-40 to +158°F) derating above +50°C (+122°F)

Storage temperature: -40 to +85°C (-40 to +185°F)

Cooling: two fans (front to back airflow), brushless w/ magnetic bearing

MTBF: > 210 000 hours Telcordia Issue I, method III (a)

Acoustic Noise: < 55dBA

Dimensions (wxhxd): 214 x 41.5 x 243mm/8.43 x 1.64 x 9.57"

Weight: 2.8kg (6.17lbs)

Applicable standards

Safety: EN 60950, UL 60950

- ETSI EN 300 386 V.1.3.1 (telecommunication network)
- EN 61000-6-3 (emission, light industry)
- EN 61000-6-2 (immunity, industry)
- Telcordia GR-1089-CORE

Harmonics: EN 61000-3-2

- ETSI EN 300 019-2
- ETSI EN 300 132-2
- Telcordia GR-63-CORE Zone 4




NEBS Level 3 certified